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  • Matta rice


    The Matta Rice, a high-quality non-sticky fragrant rice supplied by us are free from artificial additives and other harmful chemicals. It is available in 5kg, 10kg, 25 kg, and 50kg packs.

    Rice processing begins in our milling plant, where the harvested grains run through a production line where the rice is boiled, dried, de-stoned, husked, hulled and shelled. It is then is taken to the color sorter machine, which separates rice grains according to color differences in raw rice arising from anomalies like bits of stone, bad rice, black rice, half-husked rice, etc. A high-resolution CCD optical sensor drives a mechanical sorter to separate different granular materials, automatically sorting heterochromatic particles out of the batch of raw rice;

    This process staffed with our dexterous team members, they make a complete quality analysis of the product which is devoid of impurities, discolored and broken grains improves the quality of the rice..
  • Matta rice


    The short-grained Mothers Unda Rice is rich in taste and free from any kinds of impurities and grime. The Mothers Unda Rice is cultivated and processed following natural methodologies in accordance with international norms. We provide Sorted Unda rice to our customer at market leading prices.
  • Jaya rice


    Mother's brings to you Jaya Rice which is a specially formulated rice with high nutritional value. It is Largely cultivated in Karnataka, Andhra & Kerala, its unique flavour, color, size and crispness makes it an ideal companion for all traditional Kerala dishes.Our Jaya Rice is known for its high energy content. Mother’s Jaya Rice is processed and packed in hygienic conditions makes it the most widely recognized rice and is exported to various parts across the globe.
  • Jeerakashala rice


    Jeerakashala also known as Wayanadan Kaima / Jeerakashala rice could be a special variety of grain chiefly used in Biryani preparation. Its shorter grains compared to Basmati rice, however is equally aromatic and flavoursome. What makes Thalasseri Biryani special is that the use of Kaima/Jeerakashala rice. Make the right Malabar Biryani with Mother’s Jeerakashala Rice.